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Chain Partners was founded in 2017 backed with a $12 million investment from some of Korea's top VCs. With the aim of providing the most reliable cryptocurrency trading and financial services, the company has helped domestic and global companies trade cryptocurrencies following thorough bank-grade KYC/AML compliance measures including Dow Jones and Refinitiv checks. In order to provide customers with best pricing, Chain Partners is partnered with major cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC desks around the world.

Chain Partners has evolved over the past three years, starting with Chain Partners OTC, an institution-facing cryptocurrency over-the-counter trading desk. Chain Partners Research is the nation's first cryptocurrency research provider available on the Bloomberg Terminal. CoinCare is a senior / high-net worth cryptocurrency phone ordering service. In March 2020, the company combined these three professional crypto financial services under a unified brand called Chain Partners Digital Assets (CPDA).

With the accumulated know-how from leading the industry in Korea, customers can expect the most reliable and professional cryptocurrency trading and financial services.



Chain Partners Digital Assets provides KRW-based Bitcoin (BTC) and Stablecoin (USDT) trading services to domestic and global corporations and high-net worth entities. We act as the most reliable counterparty for customers who have difficulty with trading in Korean won at exchanges or customers who have difficulty in purchasing tether (USDT) using Korean won due to lack of domestic liquidity.

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We provide services allowing clients to buy and sell Bitcoin with KRW or USD fiat with deep liquidity, convenience, best pricing, and fast settlement.


We provide Korea's first support for USDT, settled in KRW or USD, for any deal size. Take advantage of tether by trading with us.


Store and manage your cryptocurrency assets in bank-grade cold storage. If you wish, lend it to a third party for additional profit.


Chain Partners was the first Korean blockchain company to register with the US Treasury's FinCEN as a Money Services Business (MSB). Based on this, Chain Partners reports on cryptocurrency to US banks and operates transparently in dollar-denominated transactions. In Korea, we also report the handling of cryptocurrencies to banks, segregate customer and company funds, and report quarterly operations to banks.

You can always check Chain Partners' MSB registration at any time via the FinCEN website.

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As of March 2, 2020, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market reached $247B. Although institutions such as funds/pension funds are not fully participating in the crypto market, Cambridge Associates, which consults global pension funds, reported that “We believe that it is worthwhile for investors to begin exploring this area today with an eye toward the long term”.

If cryptocurrencies become mainstream, as described by Deutsche Bank's perspective, the current private market stands to be reorganized in the future. To prepare for such upheaval, ICE, which owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), has invested with Microsoft and Starbucks to set up Bakkt, an institution-grade cryptocurrency exchange. CME, the world's largest derivatives exchange, has already launched bitcoin futures, and Nasdaq is also preparing related products.

The clear advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they are significantly faster and significantly cheaper for cross-border payments / transfers. While it is obviously untrue that cryptocurrency will change everything, it is vast under-estimation to say that it is nothing. Why would money not become digitalized when everything is digital today? Anyone who has foresight knows that now is the best time to commit a bit of cryptocurrency in the portfolio.


Looking ahead from 2020, Bloomberg cited Bitcoin as the highest growth asset. Bitcoin has seen a 9,000,000 percent increase over the past decade, outperforming any other asset.

According to Forbes, Charles Schwab, the largest online securities brokerage, announced that millennials own more Bitcoin derivatives than they do traditional securities like Microsoft, Disney, and Netflix.

Deutsche Bank predicted that by 2030, digital currencies will become mainstream at rates comparable to the Internet's development, and will become the ultimate payment method for global countries.

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